Evolution Drives A Revolution in NQF 5 Forum

These guys are awesome, I happen to be discussing the idea of selling T-Shirts to raise money for the forum. Linda Mbele came up with the suggestion of creating a logo for the forum and volunteered with the support of Themba Timba to do it.

This morning, Themba revealed the NQF 5 Forum logo and I was blown away. Personally I love the logo and I see myself one-day wearing the T-Shirt., it is an eVolution by rEvolution.

Below is the Logo for NQF 5 Forum presented to you by Isaac Khonjelwayo. I would like to thank Linda and Themba for their tireless contribution.

eVolution by rEvolution

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The forum hopes to share and contribute to the development of its members and beyond that to build and keep our network strong and educational.

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