Security User_Awareness

Quick Protocol Technology Solution provides organizations/companies with Networking, Information Security, Computer Hardware and Software support, Awareness training, Backup, Storage, Electricity and other computer related services in both a consulting and technical capacity to small-to-medium business, schools as well as home PC users.

  • Install Flash patches as soon as they are distributed. Patches are usually available on the same day that a Flash CVE is submitted. Information about current updates to Flash can be found here. A fully patched computer behind a firewall is a strong defense against cyberattacks.
  •  Enable automatic operating system updates, or download operating system updates regularly, to keep them patched against known vulnerabilities.
  •  Configure antivirus software to automatically scan all email and instant-message attachments. Make sure email programs do not automatically open attachments or automatically render graphics, and turn off the preview pane.
  • Configure antivirus software to block attachments containing the .swf extension.
  • Configure the browser security settings to medium level or above.
  • Use a browser plug-in to block the execution of scripts and iframes.
  • Do not install untrusted browser plug-ins.
  •  Use great caution when opening attachments, especially when those attachments carry the .swf extension.
  •  Never open unsolicited emails, or unexpected attachmentseven from known people.
  •  Beware of spam-based phishing schemes. Dont click on links in emails or instant messages.
  •  Type the URLs or copy the URLs to the address bar of the browser and verify the address rather than clicking on web advertisements.
  •  Dont click on Flash movies on untrusted websites.
Have a safe year, with no vulnerabilities 


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